Get Connected

You can start the business in 2 days, without complicated agreements, making  the following steps:
1. Find us & sign up

2. Receive a welcome pack email (1 day) including

  • Prices lists of the day ( Euro/USD)
  • Information request  form
  • Number One VoIP interconnection  form

3. Send the filled order form and  information request(depends on you)  back to us. Once received, we start the implementation of your service.
4. When our technical department has completed the interconnection, you will receive an “In Service” mail(1 day),   with details on how to access the management platform and detailed technical information. Also  by request we can onrganize a small training to explain how to use the portal pltaform
5. When your first deposit has been recorded(depends on you) by our financial service, we open the access to our routes, and you can start sending your traffic.
During this period  you can test our service. After you can use it when do you want,  we don’t have conditions like minimum monthly top up.

Online reports for checking the calls history and credit will be available from the first moment after registration. You can make the test with the webphone from the portal