Free Fax Service

Our free fax service, allows to send faxes, without using your old fax machine
That means, you can avoid the costs of the fax telecom line and also the tarrifs.
Because when you sent a fax for your customer , you can use your actual price list, who can make you important benefits.
From now on you can send fax directly from portal. Just scan the document and sent from your computer, using the portal.
Supported file formats: jpeg, png, bmp, tiff, pdf, doc, docx

Free SMS Service

All our customers cand use for free the SMS service.
That means, from the portal you cand send SMS for your customers at cheapest price, comparing to their mobile providers. Making a short analisys of our SMS price list, you will see that you can offer the service to your customers , for example when they sent money with Western Union, Ria,Moneygram.