Internet cafe / VoIP Call Shop Solution

Number One  gives you the opportunity to start an international phone center. This opportunity allows your customers to make national & international calls at cheap rates. All you would need is an internet connection & a PC.(This is a VERY profitable business & can be an "Add-on" to any business).

Can be setup anywhere in the world where there is internet connection If you own a voip callshop or just have an internet shop & would like to offer people to make International calls, then this callshop solution is for you. You can mark up your own rates and make profit from the international calls. We offer a total Callshop software FREE OF CHARGE!

Before to start you must have the following things ready!!!

Internet access; Linksys ATA or other VoIP gateway; Analog telephones for booths telephones or cordless phone; Telephone booths;Computer.

What we offer:
- Free Billing software for the phone center*
- VoIP Gateway (by request)
- Free remote installation
- Technical assistance and support 7/7

*Our software don’t work with older systems with display in booths. If you want to buy a callshop software with displays at reasonable prices please contact one of our partners | |

If you don’t haveVoIP Linksys gateways, you can buy from our onlineshop in the portal. Just to have a quick idea about the prices we are offering 3 plans for LinksysPAP2 with 2 ports (for 2 booths). Delivery price not included.

35€ no credit

45$ no credit

30€ including 20€ credit for phone line

40$ including 30$ credit for phone line
25€ including 10€ credit for phone line

35$ including 15$ credit for phone line

How we work?
Please look at 4 essential steps to setting up a callshop
1 - Call the Number One adviser or use the contact form

  • Your Number One adviser will suggest the offer most appropriate to your needs and will direct on the characteristics of the ADSL or satellite connection required. op
  • You must cable your phone center, before installing the equipment. Over the telephone, the Number One technician technician takes you step by step through the installation of the wiring. guring the equipment
  • Your Number One  technician takes responsibility for configuring the equipment by recording the parameters required remotely.





4 - You're ready to go!

  • Think about topping up your account according to your consumption.
English,Italian ,Spanish and French speaking technical support available for you during installation and we "guarantee a high quality after-sales service".

Don't hesitate to consult your Number One  adviser who is available every day to help to manage your callshop.